We could all do with being a bit more productive, right? 

Follow these useful tips that I have personally used over the past 6 months to save time, create more and better work for my clients.

1. Creating a Library of Code Snippets
Depending on your code editor or IDE you use (I use Sublime Text), to save time in development hours you should look to create your own snippets of code.  I personally have a ton of code snippets that i have set up for things like PHP if statements, WP Query, Custom Posts Types (CPTs) etc…. but also for things like class names i regularly use,  container divs, and css functions. By ding this it means i only have to right say the word “clear” and the code will output for me, saving me further time.

2. Disable push notifications on your devices
One thing i use to waste a fair amount of time on is my phone or devices where ill get a notification from a text message, app notification or even emails, best to turn these off. The reason i’m saying this is I use to spend hours and hours constantly checking my emails when a new email popped up, meaning i lost time and focus on work was doing and before you knew it the day was over. Over the past 6 months we have changed this policy to check every hour or few hours, so we have more productivity, clients don’t except you to answer straight away, remember this.

3. Take Breaks
As well as working, make sure you take breaks. As a designer/developer myself I sometimes found that I could find myself stuck in some code I just could not work out and would spend hours trying to fix, but if i walked away for 5 minutes and came back I would know how to fix. So breaks away from your desk is key whether your coding or designing, will help your mind set.

4. Don’t over-plan your work.
If you plan to get things down to the minute, then there’s more chance of something going wrong. Plan your day in three parts such as: Urgent Work (first), Important Work (second) and Nice to Get Done Work (third). If you only focus on getting the urgent work done first then anything else after that is a bonus. I know sometimes this can be hard as many clients seem to want there job to be urgent, but you need to break up and plan your days.

5. Don’t rush
Every job you want to get completed and out the door to be paid, we all get that. But make sure you are spending time testing projects and overlooking the jobs before wrapping up. You only want to get some feedback from the client regarding changing some items not the whole site.

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