Knot The Cat challenged us to deliver a digital solution via applications such as Android and IOS. Previously Knot The Cat customers could only go onto their website and online store to purchase products relating to the Knot The Cat brand.

App design and development

We was selected to build an IOS and Android application that would allow their customers to be able to take photos and add exciting characters from the brand into their shoots, giving a better user experience.

Responsive Website

We modified both websites to work with the IOS and Android applications. Once a photo was taken by the customer and saved, the photo was then made available for the customer to use on both websites. Customers could use their photo to apply to a custom product on the online store or add there photo to the overall gallery on the website.


Once the applications were put live, we found ourselves being nominated for an award for the app “The Knot The Cat”. To our surprise we was awarded a bronze medal in 2015 as part of the digital app awards Competition.

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