Planning is the first step

Get it right at the planning stage and the rest will fall into place! We will consult with you and make sure that we are all on the same page before we start your design and build process.

First we will ask you to look at producing a brief. This will help us to identify your requirements, and really focus on what you are trying to achieve, whether that maybe a website or app or any of Binding Digital’s other services. Our work in the property sector, in healthcare and dental and in the security sector in particular, have given us a very broad experience to bring to our clients.

For your website, you’ll need to give us text for each of the pages along with any images and videos you want included. Having your website content up-front, makes sure that we can design your site around the amount of content you have. If you’re having trouble with your website copy, just say the word, we have experienced website copywriters on staff.

Your unique design

We'll base our designs, on the information that you have supplied. Then we will send you a private web link so that you can view your designs. Designs will be presented to you as images first so that we can make any changes designs until we’ve got it exactly right.

For a website, once the design is approved, we will design pages based on the homepage design. Then we will send you a private web link to see these pages. Any amendments can be done at this stage, and we’ll update the designs accordingly.

Having your website, app and other products to work for you.

Finalised designs are turned into fully functioning, responsive websites or apps. For Websites, if you have signed up for a content management system, we’ll get that installed and hooked up. Building a professional website properly takes time, but you will be kept updated at every step.

For a website we’ll upload the site to a testing area for you to see it. We will also test the website to ensure that it works on various browsers and platforms.

The testing process

A vital part of web design is to make sure that a site works in all the major web browsers on the market including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Edge and Explorer 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12

Going live

After final approval we are all systems go! It’s might not always be just a case of pressing a button, and we may need to move the website site to a different server to carry out some configuration changes. This might take a little time but we will keep down time to the absolute minimum. Next, in the case of a website, we will let all the major search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo! know that you have arrived!

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Other services include web development, application development, brochures, leaflet, business card, signage and packaging design.

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